Organizational Behavior in Health Care Management

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Organizational Behavior in Health Care Management





This paper seeks to look into organizational behavior in health care management and most importantly its impact on health care management and delivery. Organization behavior is crucial in guiding the regulatory activities, the staff activities and the overall culture that directs an organization. Organizational behavior in health care setting is paramount to ensuring patient safety, ethical behavior among the medical practitioners, patient-centered care and effecting change in the facilities which is bound to improve healthcare delivery and patients’ satisfaction. The strategic management of any health
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The 21st-century patients are more informed due to globalization and technological advancements and therefore have continually expressed their high expectations from the health care practitioners concerning addressing their medical needs, patient’s satisfaction and safety which is paramount in quick recovery. Health care management solely relies on the behavior of both the patients and the health facilities staff that must collaborate to ensure that the patient acquires the best help and most importantly, that their hospital stay or outpatient service is worth the charges. Most of the patients have acknowledged the fact they play a significant role in the management of their health care as compared to the olden days where they left the responsibility to the health care providers Chassin, & Loeb, 2013). The modern medical management has incorporated programs aimed at improving the patients' awareness concerning their health as well as their responsibility in ensuring that they manage their health as required through dietary habits, physical activity, sanitation among other factors that play a crucial role in ensuring patient safety and well-being. Similarly, the emergence of changes in the environment has contributed to the rapid change of and development of diseases that


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