Unit 25: Menu Planning and Product Development

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LO1 Understand factors that influence menu planning decisions Menu development and policy overview: principles of menu planning; types of menu; menu balance; creativity; consumer expectations; religious, cultural, ethnic and social influences; fads and trends; fashions; themes Menu compilation: factors eg taste, colour, texture, portion size, temperature, appearance, commodity planning, seasonal factors Recipe development: creativity; cookery styles; nutritional composition; consistency of product; methods eg fresh commodities, prepared foods, combination of fresh and prepared foods, cook-chill/freeze, batch cookery; call
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This unit also links to the following Management NVQ units: A2: Manage your own resources and professional development
B1: Develop and implement operational plans for your area of responsibility
B2: Map the environment in which your organisation operates B8: Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements
B11: Promote diversity in your area of responsibility B12: Promote diversity in your organisation
C1: Encourage innovation in your team C2: Encourage innovation in your area of responsibility C3: Encourage innovation in your organisation
E1: Manage a budget
E2: Manage finance for your area of responsibility
E5: Ensure your own action reduce risks to health and safety E6: Ensure health


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