Socialization Into Nursing

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This paper is about the socialization of nursing, which includes the internalization of the attitudes and values of the role. The importance of role modeling the applied behaviors and skills through preceptor experiences to aid the new nurse is discussed. The importance of the socialization process and its impact on staff recruitment and retention is touched on. The author also shares her experience upon entry to the nursing profession and how it helped her socialization.

According to Creasia and Friberg, socialization is the process of becoming- acquiring knowledge and skills and internalizing attitudes and values specific to a given social group. (Creasia & Friberg, 2011) The term socialization used here refers to
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This particular nurse had spent 16 weeks on orientation and still had not demonstrated ability to function independently in the CTICU. Management felt that it was worth the extra time and money to orient this nurse successfully, as a new hire would require another potentially 12 – 16 week orientation. Unfortunately, this nurse never completed her first year due to the stress of work. Critical care nurse orientation can last 4 – 16 weeks; “costs range from $3000 - $10000 per nurse” (Reising, 2002). The author would venture to estimate that cost has risen since this article was published.
Currently the author functions as a preceptor in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit at WakeMed. The management attempts to fill current positions with nurses that already have intensive care experience or with nurses who have successfully worked on the step-down unit for the cardiothoracic patients. At present this author is precepting a young nurse, with 3 years of experience, from the cardiothoracic step-down unit. The learning curve is steep and there are good signs that this nurse is respectful of that. One of the biggest challenges to orienting experienced nurses is helping them to see their lack of knowledge in a supportive way. There can also be benefits to the preceptor and existing staff when knowledgeable nurses


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