Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection

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Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection
Courtney Austin
Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection
Maricopa community schools are the local schools for the Gila River Indian Community. Native American children attending these schools are generally obese and do not participate in extra-curricular activities. The Leading Health Indicator (LHI) that applies is Children and adolescents who are considered obese. Recognizing this LHI, nursing diagnoses can be generated followed by nursing interventions and finally a community health partnership that will positively influence obesity. Also, while exploring these various steps, examples of how nursing can advocate community change will be shown.
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Furthermore, the school could also monitor lunches brought in by students and provide healthy alternatives. Also, if an after school program is developed; a dietician could provide healthy food options such as snacks, food education materials like calorie sheets, meal planning, and food alternatives for families. Sedentary lifestyle can be changed by implementing an after school program. Different activities, games, and sports would be provided which would encourage exercise, socialization, and safety. This time could also be utilized to teach different games and sports that can be done at home.
Involving the Native American community to change their habits would be best done by collaborating with Native American leaders and health professionals. Native American leaders would be excellent role models for children and the community as a whole. Collaborating with the Maricopa community would also generate interesting cross-cultural health events and activities. Also, during these events, culture could be promoted in a healthy way such as traditional Native foods prepared in a healthy way and cultural dancing encouraged. Another resource would be to contact Community Partnership of Southern Arizona. They provide healthcare clinics, have people available to answer community


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