Nursing Socialization

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Socialization into Nursing
Kimberly Grazier
Winston Salem State University

In this paper you will learn about socialization of nursing and the important role that it plays in staff retention. The goal of business’s that employee nurses are to not only retain staff but to keep them happy and satisfied as well. I have included several examples of how to do this. I have also included examples of the attitudes and values of a well socialized nurse and how this affects not only the nurse herself but her coworkers as well. The importance of a well trained, encouraging preceptor and the role this person plays in staff retention is also discussed. Without the preceptor and her positive role it can be very difficult to retain
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It is important for the new nurse to feel that his/her opinion is being heard and matters. All nurses, senior or new, desire to be a valued member of the team.
The average new nurse on the Oncology unit is overwhelmed with the demands of caring for a patient that is often in pain, nauseated, needs blood and has numerous other needs. It is important for the new nurse to be supported when learning how to delegate to others. It is vital to the new nurse that the patient care team is ready to assist and offer encouragement. Lack of support can discourage open communication and can cause patient care to suffer. If the work environment does not encourage socialization of the nurse it can lead to high nurse turnover, poor patient outcomes, and excessive cost to the organization to hire and train for vacancies. Retaining new Registered Nurses can be particularly cost effective if preceptor properly and can save an organization from $82,000 to $88,000 per RN (Pellico, Kovner, & Brewer, 2009, para. 3).
Socialization is a lifelong process that continues throughout the career of a nurse. As the new nurse progresses they begin to function more independently and reflect upon the changes they feel with their coworkers and preceptor. (Reising, 2009, p. 23) In each different role the socialization of the nurse is a little different. As a bedside nurse, it is important to learn basic tasks and time management, it


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