Starters vs Relievers

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Starting Pitchers vs. Relief Pitchers There are many differences and similarities between relief pitchers and starting pitchers. There are many different types of relief pitchers that each team has in its bullpen. While starting pitcher each team usually has about 5 starters that rotate through each game, which leaves the rest of the game up to the relief pitchers once the starter can no longer go. People do not normally realize that saying a person is a pitcher is quite a general statement. For example starting pitchers is defined as the pitcher who delivers the first pitch of the game to the first batter. Even if that pitcher gets hurt on that pitch he is still the starter. Normally starting pitchers are supposed to go the …show more content…

While in relief the other team doesn’t see the relievers arm as much. The middle relief pitchers are relief pitchers who normally pitch in the sixth or seventh inning or in situations where several innings of work is required. A long relief pitcher normally comes in the early innings of a game anywhere from the first or fourth inning of a game to relieve a struggling starter for whatever reason that may be. The set-up pitcher is a relief pitcher who normally pitches right before the closer comes in to bridge the gap from the starter to the closer. Commonly they pitch the seventh and or eighth innings of a close game. The closer is a relief pitcher who specializes in closing out a game in the ninth inning of a game. Closers are often used in close games and normally the closer is the best relief pitcher that the team has. A left-handed specialist is a relief pitcher that excels in pitching to left-handed batters or switch hitters that are not as strong from the right side of the plate. Normally a lefty specialist will only pitch to a small amount of batters and once those at bats are finished they are removed and replaced from the game. Relief pitchers can be awarded with a save. Which is when they finish a game were there team is only up by two or less runs. They can also achieve a win if they are in and their team takes the lead. Relief pitchers are a key role in winning games in