My Long Term and Short Term Goals

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Professional and Personal Goals December 12, 2011

Someone famous once wrote, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” That’s deep! But, in a way, it’s obvious and should go without saying. However, so many people try to just jump the whole thousand miles at once and seem to forget that careful steps and rest stops must be made along the way to successfully (the main word is successfully ) complete that journey. I’ve had my goals and aspirations for a long time but I’m not sure that I ever started out in the most organized fashion. My professional goals remain the same but I now realize that effective time management is the main way to achieve my goals in a less stressful manner. I understand
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I would only feel comfortable leaving to assist my fellow Haitians if I were secure in the knowledge that they were well on their way to starting their own careers.
I fully realize that my goals are not attainable without the utilization of resources. The University of Phoenix has provided us with essential resources to complete our professional goals: the U of P website and the advisors and technicians at the computer lab, the APA format, and my advisors , ,have been instrumental in helping us students begin to attain our goals. The bi-weekly tutorials at the university have also been invaluable. Then, on a more personal level, I have the invaluable assistance of my youngest son, Reynald, and my friend, a retired Boston Public School teacher. I have truly been blessed and hope, in turn, to add my blessings in the form of helping my fellow countrymen in Haiti.
This road I have chosen to travel is, of course, not going to be all peaches and cream. There are and will be barriers and obstacles in my path. Working for registry is difficult. Hospitals are cutting down because of the state of the US economy. There is minimal work. However, I am determined in the pursuit of my goals. Other barriers in my path are money and my lack of computer and technology savvy. I am determined to persevere and overcome these


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