Community Health Nursing Reflection

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Community Health Nursing Reflection
Maria Jelyn Engelhardt-Parales
August 27, 2012
Amy Weaver

Community Health Nursing Reflection
Community health nursing practice aims to improve community health by promoting a healthier group of people, individuals, families, and residents within the community. The goal is to maintain, preserve, and promote health by providing information, education, teachings, and health care services to the population. The focus is on the collective good of the population by provision of health services to individuals, families, and residents of the community. The effect of working on individuals, families, aggregates, organizations or institutions within the community is promoting changes in health
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A nurse with knowledge of targeted population’s native language (a Vietnamese-speaking nurse during Vietnamese educational sessions, Spanish-speaking nurse on Hispanic educational sessions, etc.) will help clear misconceptions about immunizations and its efficacy and other health concerns related to obesity, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. * Contact and partner with local market and food chains to encourage healthier food choices, provide public information on caloric contents, and increasing availability of fresh fruits, and offer options to natural juices with menu as opposed to carbonated drinks.
Maternal, Infant, and Childcare
NICs related to altered family structure and feelings of uncertainty about the future and frustrations by adolescent single mothers because of lack of experience are * Review information and knowledge base of client about health care decisions for self and child. Actively listen and identify reasons for indecisiveness, and determine family disruption and conflicts that can complicate decision process and hinder mother-child from reaching full potential. * Provide referrals to appropriate resources, such as social worker, mentorship programs, online educational programs, and encourage networking with other adolescent mothers to develop socialization skills, self-confidence, plans on


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