Does Social Isolation Adversely Affect Health

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Does social isolation adversely affect health?

Social is the term which is best suited for human being. Because they want companionship or like to stay together for may reason such as company, help, recreation, behavioral development etc. Social isolation is the physical separation of a human from a society of a group of people. Jacqueline old outlined the reason for social isolation in modern and developed countries as people want to be independent and do not want to bother friends, family members or neighbors which make them alone. From ancient time human are social and dependent on others who are relative or neighbor for interaction and helping the counterpart. Due to this social behavior of human they develop different relationships
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Individuals like to be social because they want to be cared for, loved, esteemed and valued. (Wilkinson and Marmot 2003).It has been revealed by Kawachi and berkman 2001 that socialization has positive impact on mental health outcomes like stress reactions, psychological wellbeing and distress which intern develop anxiety and depression. From the above evidences it is clear that socially connected individuals are more mentally sound than lonely individuals.

The third impact of social isolation, behavioral pattern is the result of the above two impacts. Physically and mentally ill individuals behave differently than the individuals with sound health. Social integration promotes healthy behavior (Cornwell and Waite, 2009). It is evident that it is possible to remove health risk behaviors like smoking, risky sexual behavior and poor diet through social integration. Social isolation impacts the growing teenagers most adversely. Because this is the learning stage and they learn from their neighboring environment. Adolescents who grow up in lonely environment have lower level of self esteem and more


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