Psy/250 Week 2 Psychoanalytical Personality Assessment

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Amber Ryan/Stokes June 23, 2012 PSY/250 Michele Montgomery University Of Phoenix

Psychoanalytical Personality Assessment Everybody is unique or special in one form or another and each personality has a theory. For many years psychologists have based theories upon individuals and I the writer will compare and contrast three well known psychologists Sigmund Freud, Alfred Alder, and Carl Jung. Sigmund Freud was one of the greatest psychologists in time he Alder and Jung’s theories were very similar but then again very different. Within these theories we will discuss characteristics with which I agree and disagree with, explore the stages of Freud’s theory explaining characteristics of personality using stage components
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Freidman & Schustack (2009) “The process which the ego uses to distort reality to protect itself are called defense mechanisms.” The three defense mechanisms Freud established were repression denial and rationalization. Freud believed that “Repression is the ego’s defense mechanism that pushes threatening thoughts back into the unconscious.” Freidman & Schustack (2009). Repression is the ego or subconscious pushing threatening thoughts back into the subconscious for example if someone experiences severe trauma the mind puts into the unconscious stat until we are ready to handle the trauma. Reaction formation is the technique of pushing threatening impulses by over exaggerating the opposite in ones cognition and vitality. An example would be if you are extremely angry with a coworker you would end u0p being particularly nice to them. Denial is a mechanism used to make one self believe that reality is actually untrue, or the truth is not actual. For example if a marriage is going downhill parties involved would most likely deny their issues when prodded by friends. Projection is used by externalizing the situation at hand and forcing it upon another. For example a parent whom is angry with her children for not listening when in all actuality it is the angry mother whom doesn’t listen to her children. Displacement is shifting the burden of one’s fears and desires upon someone else. An