Nur405 Friedman Family Assessment

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Friedman Family Assessment
The Friedman Family Assessment is a tool used to assess the “family as a whole, as part of the whole of society, and as an interaction system” (Lancaster & Stanhope, 2008, p. 569). The Friedman Family Assessment has certain assumptions for the families that are assessed with this tool. These assumptions include the families are “a social system with functional requirements, a small group possessing certain generic features common to all small groups, as a social system accomplishes functions that serve the individual and society, and individuals act in accordance with a set of internalized norms and values that are learned primarily in the family through socialization” (Lancaster & Stanhope, 2008, p. 569). The
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V also states that D seems to get into trouble when he goes out with his friends. The family values include open and honest communication with each other. The family believes that trust is very important.

Family Functions
Socially, the Pedroza family is very active with their children’s and baseball activities. They are also very active in socializing with many of the parents also involved in the softball and baseball leagues. They also actively participate in the children’s school activities and attend special lunches and assemblies. The children are active in sports and get plenty of exercise. V attends exercise class one to two times a week. D actively coaches and assists during softball or baseball practices and games. V and D take their children to the doctor’s offices for check-ups and immunizations. Their daughter, ML, has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and takes daily medication. Their other daughter, CL, is very sensitive to many substances and is taken to the doctor often for allergic reactions and unknown “lumps” that appear on her extremities that have been biopsied on many occasions. D also sees a doctor routinely for sleep apnea, low testosterone levels, anxiety, sleep deprivation, narcolepsy, and acid reflux. He also takes daily medications. V sees her doctor regularly as well for routine check-ups and chronic headaches which have not