Resource Management

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Part A. Case Study

1. Prepare a summary of paper usage vs allocation for the month of April on a weekly basis. Assume the organisation received the same amount of paper per week.

| |WEEK 1 |WEEK 2 |WEEK 3 |WEEK 4 |
|Usage |3,750 |3,750 |3,750 |3,750 |
|April |50,000 |50,000 |50,000 |50,000 |

2. Prepare procedures and guidelines for purchasing, allocation and recording of paper outline in your procedures minimum stock levels
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Sydney NSW 2000

Products and service - pets, pet products(food, toys…etc.), pet grooming, pet sitting, claw clipping, kennelling, obedience school
From food to footwear, Jurassic Pet Shop tries to stock everything for every pet, for every occasion. Pet dogs come in all sizes and shapes, as do dog leads, collars, coats and kennels. The same applies to cats. You will find shampoo, grooming brushes and combs, odour neutralisers, even 'litter training' nappies for puppies and kittens! Also toys, teething items, balls to fetch, gnawing knick knacks such as pigs' ears and cow or roo hide 'bones', the best quality food varieties for all ages of dogs and cats, and, for the consequences, an assortment of litter, including recycled paper, garden-friendly clay, and crystals.
We stock bird cages, fish tanks, in-home dog cages, carry cages and reptile tanks with warming and lighting. They are also your pet pharmacy, with vitamins, and worming paste and tablets, plus treatments for parasites such as flea and tick tablets, fluids and powders. There’s the best available bird seed and fish food, plus all the equipment to keep your bird cage or fish tank sparkling clean.
We also offer kennelling, obedience school, claw clipping and pet grooming, and can guide you to a reputable local vet.
Business Resources of your organisation

Facilities and Equipment


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