Health Care Human Resources Management

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Assignment 1: Health Care Human Resources Management

Policia Williams
Dr. Jo-Rene Queensberry
HSA 530: Human Resources Management in Health Care
July 21, 2013

1. Analyze two (2) current trends in health care that are affecting human resources management that may likely impact your hiring decision as HR manager. Provide support for your analysis.
Two trends in health care affecting human resources management that may likely impact your hiring decision as an HR manager are recruitment and retention and technological change. Recruitment and retention of the appropriate staff who meet the job requirements is very important. Currently as we know, there is a shortage of qualified
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HR should be essential in leadership coaching. Building a strong reputation with each employee and management should be a strategy of HR. They are the most suitable group in an organization and should lead in the development of the strategic plan, provide key elements as well as measure the success of the organization (Smith, n.d). To bring about successful change and be a successful organization, HR should be the key leader and strategic planner in any organization.
3. Recommend a model of human resources management that would be the most appropriate for this organization in question. Provide support for your recommendation. The counseling model would be my recommendation as the most appropriate. According to Fallon, Jr. and McConnell, this model is the most common in hospitals and other service organizations where the total cost of employees represents a relatively large amount of the budget. Since the hospital is planning to expand services to meet the needs of the growing community, the emphasis has to be on maintaining employees who are effective producers. In this model HR acts as the advocate for employers. They also provide a resource to managers for resolving employee a problem, resolving disputes and disciplinary issues ensuring a priority is placed on keeping privacy and confidentiality. HR will provide stress training and development throughout the year within all levels of the organization, lag behind the


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