Reflect an Improve on Professional Practice

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Reflect and Improve on Professional Practice

1. Why is it important that we observe agency guidelines when we are examining issues of professional development?

It is important to observe agency guidelines for a few reasons some of these are;

-To ensure performance processes are consistent with organisations principles

-To ensure there is a clear link between business plans and individual performance development

-To ensure that the performance management process is not a negative and daunting experience that causes and employee to feel useless after it.

-To ensure that the evaluation is in regards to job related factors only.

By following agency guidelines when examining issues of professional development we ensure
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Supervision provides professional ongoing support and development; it provides an opportunity to learn new or different way of doing things. Supervision also ensures that case managers are adhering to policies, procedures and that the organisations standards and guidelines are being followed. It is also provides opportunity for supervisors to validate the positives aspects of a case managers practices.

5. Identify two key elements that case managers should consider when establishing a personal development plan.

A personal development plan is made to ensure that identified professional practice needs are eventually met within a specific time frame and that enough time is given to identify and address practice issues.

A personal plan should contain; the identified practice need, the type of development that is needed to address issue, listed needs to be prioritised, where, when and how the development will take place, it should also include a plan of evaluation to establish the effectiveness of the training undertaken and its impact.

A personal development plan works best when it is medium to long term and factors in any foreseeable variables e.g. holidays. They should be realistic in their goals and timeframes and should allow enough time for training and reflection.

Using the SMART process for goal setting is a useful tool when developing a plan.

S-specific- goals should be specific and clear in


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