Human Resources Management Team

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MGT 3375: Global Human Resource Management
Policies/Guidelines: Team-Based (TB) Assignments

Overview of TB Assignments

1. Team-based (TB) assignments focus on answering questions related to the “Hotel Paris” case. There are three (3) TB assignments scheduled during the term. See the Course Schedule in the Syllabus and Assignments area in Blackboard for due dates.

2. Starting with Chapter 3, each chapter contains a segment of the “Hotel Paris” case that focuses on integrating, interpreting, and applying relevant chapter concepts to the case. Each segment of the case indicates options the hotel’s HR Director, Lisa Cruz, should consider in creating HRM policies and practices to produce the employee behaviors, competencies, and
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• Excellent communication skills, including proper grammar, correct spelling and punctuation, applicable section headings, page numbers, etc. are required.

• Begin each question of the assigned questions on a new page. Indicate question number, section headings, specifying a, b, etc., where indicated.

• Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.

• Spacing: Single space within each bullet point; double space between bullet points.

• Use of an outline/bulleted format is required.

 This page is an example of a bulleted format.

 Due to time constraints, it is essential you use this format for the TB assignments! Failure to use this format will result in a deduction of 10+ points from your team’s grade.

2. Length: Space guidelines - Maximum # of pages per will be provided for each TB assignment.

• Page limits DO NOT INCLUDE prefatory pages (title page) and supplementary pages (exhibits, such as charts and tables), and references.

• Exhibits: Use of professionally prepared exhibits (such as charts and tables) may be necessary, not only to comply with the length requirement, but also to enhance the succinct presentation of your team’s response. An exhibit must be “labeled” and briefly explained in the body of your team’s response - what is its relevance? An exhibit is typically one (1) page.

3. References:

• Your team must include four (4) credible references (not including the textbook) per assignment to add validity to your


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