“Industrial Relations” and “Human Resource Management”

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Compare and Contrast
“Industrial Relations” and “Human Resource Management”

With the rapid pace of globalization, economic development and the more fierce competition among enterprises, the environment of employment is becoming more and more complex than in the past. The companies, no matter private or state-owned ones, have realized the significance of human resources which is the source of social wealth and plays a decisive role in its creation. The essay is concerned about comparing and contrasting the key features of “human resource management” and “industrial relations”. In the academic fields, human resource management and industrial relations are boasting some differences as well as the similarities. And the consolidation trend
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What’s more, the industrial relation is one of the factors that influence human resource management. The policies and the bargaining part can bring some effects on the management of human resources.

Furthermore, human resource management and industrial relations are different in the standpoints and angles looking at the issues of employment and the relevant academic research. Human resource management uses an internal point of view analyzing the activities inside the organization. Managers belong to the organization and they design the human resource management strategies inside it, which is an inner side and vision towards the employment issues. On the other hand, an external point of view is applied in the industrial relations function. A third party (such as labor union) or the employment policy exists outside the organization, examining the behaviors and solving the problems or conflicts inside the organization in a different angle.

Apart from the above four differences between human resource management and industrial relations, there are several similarities in a basic way. These two academic areas are both dealing with the issues of employment and workplace. From the human resource management strategies to the policies protecting the rights of the workforce, they are crucial to business success and the benefits of the labors, which may have influence on each other. Moreover, the trade union and the


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