Healthcare Human Resource Management

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Marianne Lewis
Bus. 303 Human Resources Management
Healthcare Human Resource Management
Professor Gwendolyn McCants-Allen
February 21, 2011

Human resource management is the function performed in organizations that facilitates the most effective use of people (employees) to achieve organizational and individual goals (Ivancevich, 2010). In present day society, organizations have been confronted with profound transformations in the roles of human resource management and its function. The healthcare industry encounters several challenges ranging from ethical and moral aspects, high cost of medical care, economic pressures, regulatory compliances, shortage of qualified professionals, and industry consolidation to deliver health care
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The manager supervises all aspects of operations that are personnel related which include:
*Doctor and nurse recruitment *Interview and hiring
*Compensation and benefits management *Handling of claims
*Implementation of professional development programs *Personnel counseling
*Compliance with state and federal regulations *Safety & Sanitation in the workplace
*Labor Relations and mediation *Supervision of employee meetings
*Maintenance and/or improvement of employee retention and morale (, 2011)
My present company’s performance evaluation is effective, but just as any organization some departments are in need of improvement. The impact of team performance is vital to the existence of many organizations. Performance evaluation is implemented by using the system of scales. Annually we are evaluated on several categories; One (1) being the poorest and Five (5) the highest in performance, quality, objectives, goals, etc. These are done for the individual evaluation techniques, however for team performance we as a team must rank no lower than four (4). The problem with this approach is that personality’s conflicts and communication among team members are sometimes frustrating to many of the individuals in achieving team performance evaluation. Management should have a short term strategic plan for implementing progression in


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