Article Summary: Read-Only Participants: a Case for Student Communication in Online Classes

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Article Summary: Read-Only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes As technology advances more and more, computers and internet have become more accessible, affordable, and ever so popular in recent times. With easy accessibility to internet, the online learning environment is a growing trend. Schools all over the nation offer online programs and fast earning degrees. Students from different demographics and age groups fill online classrooms making it even more popular. However, with such diversity in the classroom how does the instructor control communication in the classroom? Does the lack of participation from fellow students influence the learning environment? What are some of the different types of students …show more content…
A key point is to develop a sense of community with other students in the class which in turn will help more students to participate in the course. Their studies clearly showed that students who participate more in discussion questions, and fully participate in the collaborative learning were successful and passed the course. The authors also found that when the instructor motivates students to learn and participate it helps more students to get involved and complete the course. Students that have more motivation have a higher successful rate and tend to overcome the different difficulties involved in taking an online course. Although some students still drop out because of factors such as poor internet connection, slow dial-up, old computer, or lack of software installed, others still find ways to overcome those barriers and complete the course (Nagel et. al., 2007). The biggest challenge for most of the students according to the authors was the collaborative experience. They observed that working in groups between students seemed to be somewhat of a failure, some students complained they had to do all the work and that not all the members participated. However, they stated that collaborating with other students is a very beneficial interaction, learning as a group is easier, more ideas


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