Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

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Racial Discrimination in the Workplace
Ryne Bretz
Union College

Abstract- Racial discrimination happens all the time and most of us are unaware of it. The most common place for this to happen is in the workplace. Now people can be discriminated against because of their race, religion, or any other numerous things. Also, discrimination can occur during the job interview or even after you got the job. This paper will shoe the effects of racial discrimination and how it can be prevented. In addition there are some very important laws that deal specifically with discrimination, like the NAACP or Affirmative Action. These both will be discussed.

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Started in 1900 its main goal was to stop discrimination against the different races of the time. As you can imagine at this point in history they were not taken very seriously, so they had to resort to violence in order to get there word across to the public. For more than ninety-five years, the NAACP built and grew on the collective courage of thousands of people. People of all races, nationalities and faiths united on one premise- that all men and women are created equal (NACCP, 2005). This concept of everyone treated equal could very well be one of the toughest things to accomplish in the world we live in today. No matter how hard people work and no matter how many people come together to achieve this it is almost impossible. There will always be someone out there basing every one of their decisions on race and race alone. So many cases go unknown today in our world that it is immoral. Famous racial discrimination law suits- Throughout time there has been many lawsuits against major companies based on racial discrimination. These can range from small individuals claims all the way to huge group claims where thousands of people have experienced the same treatment based on their race. One of the most popular discrimination cases in recent memory is the Abercrombie suit filed for discrimination in their magazine and posters. Abercrombie and Fitch paid over $40 million to class members in order to settle the


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