Liberation Ideology Essay

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Liberty and Equality for All
Oppression and discrimination has existed and continues to exist in the past, present, and future history of the United States. The mistreatment of particular groups infringe on the idea that all individuals are free and equal. Liberation ideology strives to eliminate external and internal oppression of particular groups in both a formal and informal method in our legal system and society. This ideology believes in the freedom and equality of the individual. Similar to welfare liberalism, strong government interaction is necessary to eliminate oppression in the legal system. In our current bipartisan ideological government system, liberation ideology continues to face oppression and discrimination.
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Gay liberation movements, also known as LGBT’s, have made motions to overcome discrimination of the right for homosexual marriage. It was only recently on July 26, 2013 that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) ruled that the law barring the federal government from recognizing same- sex marriage being legalized by individual states as unconstitutional. It is necessary for government to play a strong role in society in order to strengthen liberation ideology. This need for a strong government coincides with welfare liberalism due to the belief that the government should play a larger role in society. Therefore, liberation ideology can only fully thrive in a welfare liberal democracy that strives for individual freedom and strong government interaction to ensure individual freedom for all members in society despite race, sex, or sexuality. However, because our society is run by a bipartisan, multi-ideological system, liberation ideology can only lead to partial liberation as oppressed groups continue to face informal discrimination despite the formal elimination in a legal system. Although formally, equality free from discrimination of race, sex, and sexuality has been implemented, informally oppression continues to exist. The final feature of liberation ideology strives to not only free the oppressed from oppression, but to liberate the oppressors from oppressing. However, because we live in a


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