Inequality and Its Effects in the Workplace

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Inequality and its Effects in the Workplace
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Contemporary Social Problems and the Workplace – SOC 402
July 19, 2010 Inequality and its Effects in the Workplace
Gender, ethnicity, and race inequalities and the issues surrounding them in the workplace have been on the forefront of society’s mind for decades. The problem of inequality in the workplace has become one of the most important and vital issues in our society today. In order to understand fully the reasons for these inequalities, one must try to understand the factors that cause gender, ethnicity, and racial issues within the workplace, yet in this case, we will tend to focus mostly towards gender inequality in the workplace. One typically thinks locally
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It’s become a cultural template, but for some reason we hit a roadblock when it comes to single-income households where the single earner is a woman” (para. 7). According to Gerson’s research as well, the number of households where the wife is the primary earner of the home jumped from about 4.1% in 1970 to 7% in 2000 (2007, para. 8). This statistic is hard to accept in our economy today because it is almost a necessity for the presence of a dual income to survive and adequately provide for the family. One study has shown that a marriage that has both husband and a wife providing for the family is more satisfying than a marriage with only one sole income.
Even though women struggle with keeping up with the men in the workplace, they also struggle with additional obstacles at home as well. What they experience here is a type of career discrimination because they, more than men will experience conflict between their work and home responsibilities. This conflict is intensified if the woman holds the primary responsibility for childcare because they naturally take on the role of the nurturer of the family. Other sacrifices that women will make in their career that men will not are things like maternity leave and extra sick days in order to take care of sick children. Because of these factors, some women feel the intense pressure to choose between that of having a career or having a family. A study that Lauer


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