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I am really unsure about having to take an English composition course because I am not a writer and the field I am studying for is not one that I would have to write for. I am going to put my all into completing this course to the best of my ability. My plan is to be able to strike a good balance between this class and others that are more in line with my field of study. My hope is that I do not get an apathetic attitude towards the course as the curriculum goes on.


Working through the inventory, I realized that there are things I need to work on to become a better writer. It also showed me that being able to write well will be
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Procrastinating school work d. Moving back with parents III. Key Participants a. Self b. Friends c. Parents d. Grocery Store Manager e. Professors IV. Key Lines of Dialogue a. To store manager: I need to work less hours to keep up with schoolwork b. To friends: I only work weekends now, so I can go out every night! (after getting work hours cut) c. To parents: Things are great here, but I’m out of money d. To professors: I work odd hours so it’s hard for me to get my work done (after getting work hours cut) e. Parents to me: Move home and get yourself under control and figure out where you want to go. Don’t waste another minute at school doing what you’re doing V. Feelings a. About work: Didn’t care. It was extra spending money as I had loans and money from parents b. About school: In my mind I knew I had to right myself, but I wanted to have fun at the expense of everything else c. About parents: Thought they were crazy to demand I move back home. I knew I just had to put my mind to school, they knew that I wouldn’t be able too. They were right in the end.


Sight – The entire classroom of more than 50 people focused on me Off-white colored walls
Sound – Buzzing lights, Papers shuffling
Smell – Neutral in the room Coffee on my breath
Taste – A coffee


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