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Nursing as a career is chosen for many different reasons. Some are interested in the human body, and others want to help those in need. The nursing experience is one not easily forgotten, but often taken for granted. Nurses and their value have been weighted more heavily in the past 10 years for its relevance to the survival of medicine. The nursing shortage has created a national outcry for the need to encourage nursing as a career. “As the nursing shortage peaked nurses who were left at the bedside found working conditions unacceptable and many left the profession in search of other work”.(Allen, Jan-Feb 2008, p. 35) The shortage gave rise to the nurse being recognized as a valued and need professional. The RN to
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The objective was awareness of VEGF drugs that could cause HTN in patients receiving corresponding drug therapy. The VEGF drug acronym stands for vascular endothelial growth factor. There are 8 FDA approved VEGF drugs. The most common, and widely known is Bevacizumab (Avastin). The VEGF drugs are angiogenesis inhibitors, and the drugs induce binding of the angiogenic factor that causes HTN. In the presentation Dr. Escalante revealed that VEGF drugs are known for their ability to cause rarefaction. Rarefaction refers to the decreased number of small arteries and arterioles that can result from use of VEGF inhibitors. The literature during the presentation suggested that rarefaction occurs early in development of the VEGF induced HTN. The VEGF drugs are metabolized by the liver, so the presenter advised an attention to the half-life will be needed in management of induced HTN. With use of VEGF the prescriber should expect peak HTN symptoms with the first month, VEGF is dose dependent (increased dose yields increased HTN), and a 7 to 14mmHg increase in systolic blood pressures. The presenter went on to explain treatment parameters. The hypertension scale is measured by systolic BP reading, HTN 120s-130 represents a pre-HTN on scale, and a life style change should treat the HTN. With HTN 140s-159 its classic HTN, and a single drug doses should treat the HTN. When HTN is greater


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