Selecting Patient Escorts

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Summary City Hospital is known for treating renowned patients such as pro football players, movie stars, top executives, etc. Thus the hospital wants to strive and maintain their image through outstanding customer service and conduct. City hospital offers individuals an employment position within the organization as a patient escort. Patient escorts are simply needed to move patients from one place to another. Lately, the hospital has experienced an increase of patient escort complaints from its patients. While the job is a simple one the position is critical to the reputation of the hospital, since the escort is the last person patients see before they are discharged from the hospital. There are 40 patient escorts. However, turnover …show more content…

Trimmed down to a 70 question survey many large corporations such as JP Morgan Chase and General Electric use this survey as a useful tool in both recruiting and instructing workers. The MBTI separates its partakers into these subsets; (E) Extroversion vs. Introversion (I), (S) Sensing vs. Intuition (N), (T) Thinking vs. Feeling (F), (Q) and Judging vs. Perceiving (P) after this each personality type is tallied and grouped the test gives a descriptive summary or the participants personality type such as ESFP (Extroversion-Sensing-Feeling-Perceiving ) which is described as being “Outgoing, friendly, and accepting enjoys everything and makes things more fun for others by enjoying the moment. Likes action and making things happen, knows what’s going on and joins in eagerly, finds remembering facts easier than mastering theories, is at best in situations that need sound common sense and practical ability with people.” Having detailed information of an employee’s character is invaluable when deciding on who should be placed together team projects or as an additional tool when evaluating if an interviewee can handle escorting irritable patient.
Explicit recommendations for future course of action
As mentioned above,


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