Assess the Influence of a recent National Policy initiative promoting Anti- discrimination practice.

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Assess the Influence of a recent National Policy initiative promoting Anti- discrimination practice.
1. Service users suffered gross neglect such as little or no support to wash and shower, left for hours in wet and dirty beds and refused to help. Also service users are forced to share rooms. (Care Standards Act 2002)
To prevent neglect of the service users the manager can employ more staff, to make sure the care home is not under staffed because if there are not enough staff, then service users will be neglected of good quality care. i.e. A staff member may have the responsibility of taking care of many service users and the staff member will feel stressed, tired, and not meet the needs of all service users i.e. service users may be
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4. Service users who had senile dementia or other impairments were treated like idiots and opinions on any issues.
Nurse’s and staffs at the care home must take care of the senile dementia patients i.e. giving the service users their medication on time. Staff must be trained and supervisors must be there to invigilate and look at the care provided. The disability discrimination act 1995 prohibits discrimination against disabled people in a range of circumstances, covering employment occupation, education, transport, and the provision of goods, facilities, services. The staff at the care home must not treat patients like idiots e.g. a service user might have mobility issues but has good hearing and his speech is normal so the staff can have a conversation with the service user and not treat them any different to anyone else.
5. Older staffs were denied professional development and as they left the care home, only young staffs with no skills or experience were employed because they were cheap. The manager favours male employees despite the fact 65% of the residents were male. The manager didn’t want to employ married women or those with children because they have pregnancy and child care issues.
The manager of the care home must be serious about the care they provide and promote to the care home staff and service users. The manager needs to employ people based on their qualifications, skills and experience not if they are


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