Espn History

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ESPN History
Flashback to before September 9th, 1979, all televised sporting events were on ABC, NBC, or CBS, and fans had to wait for the 5 o'clock or 10 o'clock or the next morning's paper to see other teams' highlights and scores of. That was the pre-ESPN era. Now, sports fans have unlimited access about sports anytime they want 24/7 in today's sports world dominated by ESPN. William Rasmussen was the mastermind behind the fresh edgy network that's broadcast to over half the countries in the world. Blossoming into a mini-media conglomeration in its own, ESPN has conquered of the so-called "Sports Nation" does not show any signs of slowing down anytime take over. In addition of being a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company, ESPN's
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After Sport Illustrated decided to venture into ESPN domain of sports cable television, ESPN decided to shock the world by returning favor and produce a new magazine called " ESPN The Magazine" beginning in 1998. This Sport Illustrated-like publication would bring the attitude from the sports fan's television set to the glossy magazine pages filled with new age photography and sports journalism. Consequently, Time Inc., Sports Illustrated's owner, took pre-emptive action by calling major design change, including an overhaul of the logo and extended lengths of columns. The skepticism of "ESPN The Magazine's" survival is virtually nonexistent now that the "ESPN The Magazine" is closing the gap that Sports Illustrated started with over the new magazine. Just this year
Originally being owned by Getty Oil Company and Nabisco, ESPN is purchased by American Broadcast Company (80%) and Hearst (20%) in 1984. 12 years later in 1996 ABC is purchased by the mega-media titan Walt Disney Company, giving ESPN the capabilities to expand even with the exponential growth of development that it experienced in first 17 years of existence. Disney, ABC, and ESPN consolidating into one very large company was a huge day in media history. ABC was the highest rated broadcast network and had possession of Monday Night Football, the longest running primetime program to date. ESPN has the title


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