Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan

Student: Wayne Fairweather
Student ID # A00147716
Program: Ph.D. in Applied Management
Specialization: Leadership or Organizational Change

Walden University
December 11, 2010
Professional Development Plan
Part 1: Professional Goals
Professional Introduction I plan on obtaining my Ph.D. in Management with a specialization in leadership and organizational change in four years. My educational goals are as follows: to receive the advanced essential training in qualitative research methods to strengthen my researcher and give a theoretical base to my work, secondly I would like to gain insight in quantitative research in order to become a well balanced
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Professional Presentations, Seminars, Training, and Workshops In order to maintain certain certifications it is mandatory for me to attend seminars and training workshops in order to stay in compliance with local, state and national regulations. I attend at least two seminars a year on accounting for non-profit organizations in addition to American Heart Association class updates on CPR and equipment training. Lastly, it is required for me to complete at least eight credits within a two year period to maintain my fitness training certification and attend one health seminar a year.
Volunteer Work I currently volunteer work with Concrete Rose Inc. and FGFC: teaching leadership and health awareness and assessment in the community. Twice a month I proctor meetings where I provide an array of health screenings, dietary advice and reading material on leadership skills. Eventually I plan on publishing a manual which will highlight my findings on proper health habits and social economic effect in the work community.
Past Research, Publications, and Teaching Assignments The past two years I have been working in a non-academic environment with FMG International. During my tenure I have been involved in surveys on New York state residents over an 18 month period regarding education level, employment status, and general health assessment. I conducted multi-site visits, and interviews with human resource managers, employees and educators to


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