Effects of Gangsta Rap

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"Obviously rap music is too violent. It serves as a musical accompaniment to the entire underclass culture of violence," says the author of "See No Evil", David Klinghoffer, in an article in the National Review. This extremely narrow minded philosophy has neglected to discover what rap music really is and what it means to its millions of buyers, who are mostly of upper-class status. Rap is not only music, it is also a black cultural expression that prioritizes black voices from urban America, and it is a form of rhymed storytelling accompanied by highly rhythmic, electronically based music. Rap music is a form of art or expression like any other type of music. Rap music in itself is not violent. Rap music of today is merely a reflection of …show more content…

He and other rappers often admit to mistakes and usually ask listeners to take heed and learn from them.
Snoop Dog was faced with a murder charge. He did not pull the trigger but his bodyguard did. In his trial he had to face the negative comments and perceptions that people had about him because he was a gangsta rapper. In a Rolling Stone interview Snoop's attorney David Kenner said, "Snoop was perceived negatively, and we had to dispel that inaccurate opinion." In many cases rappers are merely entertaining and should not be perceived by their lyrics only. Being a rapper is a job. In most cases that part of them stays at the studio while they are at home.
These misconceptions deeply hurt the rappers. Snoop Dog says, "People think that I like being notorious, this shit ain't cool. It's not what I'm about anymore. This is nothing cool, nothing fun, nothing to laugh about. This is stressful." The media needs to focus on statements like that instead of violent lyrics all of the time. People need to know that these rappers have feelings and hearts and they do not like the negativity that surrounds their occupation. In other cases it makes them angry. Tupac Shakur says, "I am a product of a society that openly tells me that my life ain't worth anything. In any other country with any other skin color I would have been a great lawyer. I would be Tom Cruise in "The Firm". But in America with black skin, I'm just Tupac the cop-killer dude. You know, I'm a revolutionary. I'm


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