Personal Development

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Executive summery

This academic report is give an enhance knowledge of developing a comprehensive personal and professional development strategies where summarized as below.
Chapter 01 Steps of Developing Professional Development Plan and CV
Chapter 02 Evaluation on Professional Development Plan
Chapter 03 Highlighted on Interpersonal and transferable skills
Chapter 04 Focus on Learning in a professional context

Table of contents

Executive summary 01
Table of contents 02
Chapter 01 03-09 1.1 Introduction on Personal and Professional Development 1.2 Self Assessment 1.3 Personal SWOT Analysis 1.4 Skill Audit 1.5 Personal Development Plan 1.6 Curriculum vitae
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Poor communication skill takes me backward when I am answering to the questions in the class. All these weaknesses are internal negative factor.
Opportunities: There are many opportunities to improve my strengths because with globalization business development creates vacancies and new technology creates new software for accountancy. Also I can find cheaper courses for improve communication skill.
Threats: Also some external negative factors are such as more people involve in finance field very difficult to have a job due to competition.

1.4 Skill Audit
A personal skill audit should carry out by ourselves with honesty and truthfully. From a personal audit can identify who you are and what you want do with your life. This audit won’t be a one time for a life. Skill audit need to carry out regularly may be twice a year or yearly. When you develop your skills your personal skill audit result may change. A personal skill audit must have a systematic method. Skill | Current skill rate(1-4) | Standard rate(1-4) | Action for improvement | Time period | Basic verbal communication | 2 | 4 | Speak with others in English in the class, improving vocabulary studying at least 3 words per day. | During my 1st year | Presentation skill | 2 | 4 | Practicing in the class presentations | By the end of this year | Team work ability | 2 | 4 | Practice group work in the class | During my 2nd year | Leadership | 2 | 4 | Enhance knowledge studying theory and practice in


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