Scholarly Article Critique

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Jennifer P. McCord
Scholarly Article Critique
Grand Canyon University

Scholarly Article Critique The problem as stated appeared to be of profound significance for determining how to best benefit children with cleft type who have a learning disability in reading. While this may be true, the study resonates that there are signs of inconclusiveness. To specifically address shortcomings to the study, however, the stated problem was not clearly visible to an average reader. The article required several readings to establish the direction the researchers were going with the study. As well as, why the researchers felt this study needed to be done. Undoubtedly, it was limited to the
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This included auditory association, word fluency, picture association, and standardized reading inventory. No significant differences were found between the two groups on visual perception skills, on visual motor or graph motor skills or in word recognition level. Both groups were almost equally below the 100 mean that is measured by the Wide Range Achievement Test. The cleft palate only children subsequently made significant more non-phonetic errors. Based on the findings, the greater reading challenges exist with the cleft palate only group. These challenges appear to be indicative of language deficiencies in general. Due to the pervasiveness of their learning disability in reading, the author concluded that this group should benefit from corrective measures that signaled meeting their educational needs on a larger scope. With the Cleft lip and palate group, the reading challenges appear to be associated with a peripheral speech deficiency that is phonetically related. In discussing the results, the authors exhibited


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