Personal and Professional Development

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Task 1 2 1. Abstract 2 2. Why Personal and Professional Development Plan is Important 2 3. Career Selection 3 4. Short term and Long term plan 4 6. My Self-Evaluation 7 7. Continuous Profession Development Plan (CPD) 9 8. My Idol that I Choose 10 Task 2 11 1. Self-Assessment 11 2. My Gap-Analysis 12 3. Action Plan 12 Task 3 13 1. Personal Development Plan (PPD) 13 2. Job Search Techniques 14 3. My Cover Letter 14 4. My CV 17 Task 4 19 1. Conclusion and Summery 19 2. Strategic Development Plan for Next 2 to 3 Year 19 Bibliography 21

Personal and Professional Development

Task 1

1. Abstract
Personal and professional development is the most important concept for the long
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So it is one of the important roles and I like the role very much.
The reason I chose this career for the above factor described. As a person I like to handle challenging job and I like to provide solution. I would like to work in such department of the organization where I can directly contribute for organizational long term success and can contribute to bring the profitability. That is one of the main reason I choose HR manager as my career. HR manger plays an important role for organizational structure development that is one of the most important parts to achieve organizational goals. So HR manager role is one of the top most important roles within the organization. That is why I want to HR manager in my professional life.

4. Short term and Long term plan
Career planning is very important for each of the individuals. Each and every individual should develop a short term and long term plan (Rothwell 2001) . Short term career planning means to develop a career plan for the next 5 years. Long term career plan means develop a career for more than 5 years.
Short Term Plan: In the short term development plan I will start with the self-evaluation process. I will evaluate my personality skills by self-evaluation process. In the self-evaluation process I will conduct self-analysis where I will find what my interest, values, skill and personality is. One the other side I will conduct an occupational analysis. In this process I will try to find out what


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