Problems in Foster Care

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By dictionary definition foster care is a noun meaning, “supervised care for delinquents or neglected children usually in an institution or substitute home” (dictionary.refernce). According to federal definition “foster care is twenty-four hour substitute care for children placed away from their parents or guardians and for whom the stat agency has placement and care responsibility.” This also includes placing them into foster families, foster homes of relatives, emergency shelters, group living, residential homes, child care institutions, and pre adoption places, (TuCollaborative). The ideal foster care system is very beneficial because it helps keep children that “have no place else to go” (du Pont, 48) out of the streets and in safe, …show more content…

In the foster care system this isn’t usually the case with some foster families. The families get paid a set rate every month to take care of the child or children in their homes. So the truth is that most of them only do it for the money. If the money is cut out of the equation then there would be a major drop in the foster families, because they wouldn’t be getting paid (Canon). Texas is a prime example, when the recession hit cuts had to be made to some things and the foster care system was going to be targeted. Well the legislature realized that if the payment of the families was cut then the number of families would be on the decline (Canon). Adoptions are another problem. The adoptions cost a lot of money. Also there is more focus on reuniting the families no matter how harmful the situation (du Pont, 47). Plus the children’s parents rarely receive the help they need to change and become the caring and loving parents that are desired. Although there is a plus side, the adoptions `prevent some psychological damages. Like anything negatives are also included. Siblings are more times than not separated. This separation isn’t by choice either; it’s the just that the government doesn’t care enough to keep what family is left together. Abuse and neglect sometimes take place more in foster homes especially if the foster child is of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender {LGBT}


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