Parental Rights and Roles

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Parental Rights and Roles BSHS 342
May 9, 2011 Parental Rights and Roles
Parenting is a task that has gone on for generations and helps prepare the next generation for physical, emotional, economic, and social situations. Parents have a major influence in the development of children. The parent-child relationship exerts the most significant and compelling influence on his or her children’s development during childhood.
Factors in society today, like poverty, unemployment, urbanization, increased population growth, increase in crimes and drug use, and the break up of the traditional family unit has families in a state of flux and re-definition. The results of these society-wide changes have many debilitating influences
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In these cases grandparents take the custodial role and have legal rights. Grandparents may find themselves taking parental roles even when a parent lives in the household. In these cases the role of the grandparent is less formal, and the grandparent may not have custodial rights unless the parents have granted it. Grandparents are the foundation of the family. They are likely to take responsibility for a child when the parents cannot provide adequate care for the child. In many instances grandparents find themselves providing total care to grandchildren.
When a grandparents takes the role of primary caregiver the structure of the family changes, which affects the children. The child may feel a sense of loss because the parent does not activity participate in parenting. The child may also experience issues with building relationships because he or she feel abandoned by his or her mother or father or in some cases both. Children with grandparents taking the parental role may also experience behavior issues, but children may also feel a sense of comfort when grandparents assume the role as the parent.
Becoming the primary caregiver to grandchildren can be a challenge for grandparents because they have built a life without children as their own children are grown.. Grandparents may need to reevaluate life plans, retirement or career plans, and financial plans and consider changes in housing if needed. Grandparents often turn to support systems, which


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