Family and Medical Leave Act (Fmla)

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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) What is Family and Medical leave Act (FMLA)? The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that was passed in 1993, is a national policy that grants workers up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave in four situations. These four situations are for pregnancy; to care for an infant, such as newborns, newly-placed foster children, and adoptions; to care for a relative with a serious health condition; or to allow an employee to recover and recuperate from a personal serious health condition. This paper will be discussing the impact of FMLA on employers and the protections provided by this law. (Vikesland, 2009)
Protections Provided by FMLA The FMLA is covered mainly through private-sector employers and public
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Investigators have also collected and research on two main areas such as the effect of the regulations of covering intermittent leave and the effects of leave of the coworkers of the employees. Research shows that employees who have used this act have been mixed in with their own personal use not just for the four situations but also has aggravated absentee problems of employees.
With the finding on research and the effects of the FMLA which was at first was focused on its effects on pregnant women, mothers in need to care for a sick child which was only one part of this act being passed. FMLA is more a leave likely to be taken by employees to help balance work and life being able to take care of their own situation. There are a number of issues that employers face with FMLA but also award it and regulate it in their companies to retain employers. The national policy on the welfare of employees is that they are able to have a leave of absence of work without the prosecution of being fired. This act enables help to situations such as pregnancy, caring for a newborn infant, newly-placed foster child/ adoptions, to care for a relative with a serious health condition; or to allow recovery of a personal serious health condition.

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