Deflategate: An Entire Scandal Based on Insecurity

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Juan-Carlos Licona
English 102
Professor Black
February 8, 2015
Insecurity or No?

When it comes to sports, a competitive mindset is key. In American football, it’s hard not to win without communication and teamwork. In the NFL playoffs of 2015, the New England Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 for the AFC Championship. In a game that originally portrayed the Patriots as an offensive force to be reckoned with, ended out to be a game that goes down in history. After further investigation, the NFL found 11 of the Patriots' 12 footballs in the game to be underinflated by about 2 pounds below the NFL’s requirement. Now whether the allegations are determined to be true or not, it does raise some speculation about the truth of the AFC
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Although the author is entitled to his opinion as well, it does not justify attacking others legacies who definitely have never been caught up in sports scandals. As an opposing view, The Pittsburgh Tribune states, “Perhaps having a mock Salem, Mass., trial in order to publicly confess the Patriots' guilt would ease the situation and end the deep freeze. If nothing else, the resulting bonfire will melt some of the snow.”
There’s an underlying myth here that is definitely one-sided. A myth that includes every Patriot’s fan; whether the Patriot’s are cheaters or not, this myth that New England is one of the best teams of all time is always going to be in the back of a conservative’s mind. The author favors the right side of the political paradigm where propaganda plays a huge role in. Propaganda is a complex set of strategies used to drive audiences into a uniform way of thinking and feeling; it crushes differences in thinking (Mauk). In no way shape or form is the author sharing an opposing view that supports his evidence. Paradoxically, having a conservative mentality when it comes to sports can lead to ignoring justifiable morals and integrity and lead to rugged individualism. As an author from an opposing view, W. James Antle states, “If the rules were broken, they were broken and someone needs to be held accountable. Personal responsibility is a conservative