Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal Section D

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Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal
Sally Martin Torres
NUR 598
September 11, 2011
Dr. Veta Massey

Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal
Section D: Methods of Implementation Health care throughout the history has shown many changes. Every change brings in challenges in a workplace because change is more often met with resistance. It also brings in innovative ideas that steers the organization’s advancement and performance. The major motivation of change in this organization is to sustain a successful future in its continuum. For change to succeed, brilliant strategy, and clever implementation are necessary (Gandossy and Sonnenfield, 2004).
Organizing the Plan The problem that was stated in Part A of this
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This intervention is easy to implement and cost effective. There is no complex training required, the red aprons will also protect nurses’ outfit from accidental spillage during administration of medication through the gastric tubes, or during wound care. The plastic aprons can be cleaned with soap and water once soiled, and can be stored using the nurses’ mailboxes, or disposed in the regular trash bins labeled ‘red aprons’. The biggest practicality of this implementation is its contribution in improving the quality of care through patient safety (Burns & Grove, 2009).
Methods of Monitoring the Proposed Solution The change leaders play a crucial role during the refreezing phase of change. Careful monitoring of the change implementation is done, and issues should be addressed judiciously. Evaluation procedure should be initiated to systematically assess the impact of the change on the nursing staff (Burns & Grove, 2009).
Performance Assessment Assessing the performance of the nurses in using the red apron will tell the change team if the innovation is successfully working. Monitoring medication error incident reports will be done as part of the performance assessment. The compliance score will determine if additional training is needed (Shortell & Kaluzny, 2006).
Employee Feedback The valuable feedback of employees will help the change team if there are problems that need to be addressed


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