Managing Organizations and Leading People

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Managing Organizations & Leading People C200
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Managing Organizations & Leading People Task 1

Managing Organizations & Leading People C200
A1. Organization Description
Describe the organization and its objectives
Youth Villages is a residential mental health treatment facility for children founded in 1986. The owner Patrick Lawler, combined two residential campuses at that time to create one Youth Villages. The company's main goal then and now is to build strong families. Over the past 30 years the company has grown tremendously and is nationally known for its great work. While it is known for its residential treatment, Youth Villages encompasses many areas. Youth Villages is made up of
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He is willing to try different methods that my reach one lost child. While the challenging leadership style may not be accepted by many it is great way too use innovative approaches to improve an organization.
3) Finally, Patrick Lawler shows a motivational leadership style. No company or organization can survive with out a motivational leader. This person allows its employees to perform at their full potential. Patrick Lawler does this in the following ways: He is transparent when sharing information. This allows the employees to fully understand the business and make informed decisions regarding it. It also makes employees feel as if they are a part of the team and not just a number. Lastly, the employees feel valued and are happier at work. He also gives the employees a sense of trust and responsibility. This allows his employees to feel trusted and appreciated. Finally, Patrick Lawler praises his team often. Praising appears to come natural to him. When he sees you in passing he always manages to thank you for doing a great job and even remembers to ask about your family. By doing this it motivates his team at no cost to the organization.
A3. Effects of Leadership
Discuss how the current leadership has affected organizational culture.
Patrick Lawler describes his culture as a culture characterized by an extraordinary sense of purpose. Patrick Lawler as stated earlier has always led by example. He is relentless at


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