Center for Disease Control

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There are many public sector and not for profit health agencies within the United States health care system. There are health care agencies that are run by the government, Quasi-government and voluntary. The agencies that are Quasi-government are supported by the government but managed privately and there are voluntary health agencies that can be run by private or non-profit agencies, and there are also government run agencies. Government agencies are run by the government and funded through taxes or other government budget appropriations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is example of a government run agency. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the most important health agencies in the world. The …show more content…

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention collects and analyzes data to monitor health threats and detect diseases outbreaks, identify risk factors and causes as of diseases and injuries, and conduct research to identify works in disease and injury control and prevention. The Centers for Disease has three primary functions that are to actively protect the health and safety of the nation, to provide credible information so that the general public, health care providers, and leaders in government can make well-informed health decisions, and to promote better health in all stages of life through strong partnerships. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is made up of several distinct agencies with different function. The Coordinating Center for Environmental Health Injury Prevention deals with pollutants and occupational health, The Coordinating Center for Health Information Service is used for a resource for timely health information and The Coordinating Center for Health Promotion encourages healthy living, The Coordinating Office for Global Health works with the foreign government and non-governmental organizations to foster health care world wide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has forged relationships with other federal,


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