Midterm Unit 5 Criminology

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Running head: Unit 5 Project
Unit 5 Midterm Essay
CJ 102-03: Criminology 1
Kaplan University
Professor: Ellen Smith Chupik
August 31, 2012

A recent policy was implemented by Jackson Tennessee’s Police Department, and Family Service’s dealing with the problem of child endangerment. Any household that has any documented offense of domestic violence, child abuse, or drug or alcohol related offense committed by the parents, guardian, grandparent, or babysitter, the child/children will be placed in the care of the state or foster care services, until it is proven that the offender has undergone any or all of the following, and has been offense free for a period of no less than six-months. The offender can choose
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Family Services has a list of people who have been trained, and had background checks ran on them and they are proven to be able to take care of children. If a child is placed in Foster Care the parents are not told of to the location of the foster parent’s residence. When a child and or children are placed in foster care the parents are normally told of certain things they must do in order to get their child and or children back in their possession. Some parents have to attend classes, counseling as a family or one on one counseling, drug programs, anger management programs, and they have to prove themselves fit to take care of their child and or children after they have attended some of these classes and or counseling sessions. The parents are given deadlines as to complete these tasks and if they cannot or will not do the tasks, then the child and or children will remain in foster care and even possibly be adopted, by the foster parent if no other relative can be trusted to take care of them. The goal of family services is not to just take a child and or children from a home, and they will work with the parents to do everything as quickly as possible to reunite them with their child and or children. When it comes to the police and family services their main goal and only concern is the child and or children. Family Services was the ones who came up with this program after reviewing how many children were at risk by living in these environments. So