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1. What are the 8 Troop Leading Procedures (FM 3-21.10, Figure 2-1):

#1: Receive the Mission #5: Recon___________________ #2: issue the WARNO #6: complete the plan___ #3: Make a tentative plan #7 issue the plan___

#4: start necessary movement #8: _supervise___________

2. The 5 components of a mission statement are: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. The What portion of the mission has two components. What are they? (FM 3-21.10, section 2-45)

A. Hit time and LD time B. Task and Purpose C. Tactic and Technique D. Type of Operation and Unit’s Essential Task 3. Under the third step of TLPs, what acronym does the
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A. Concentration, Audacity, Time, Speed B. Concentration, Aversion to Risk, Troops, Speed C. Clear, Aversion to Risk, Terrain Analysis, Security D. Concentration, Audacity, Tempo, Surprise

22. A ______________________ is a type of offensive operation designed to develop the situation and establish or regain contact. (FM 3-90, p. 3-3)

A. Presence Patrol B. Movement to Contact D. Combat Patrol E. Area Reconnaissance

23. Identify the term that is NOT a type of offensive operation (FM 3-90, section 3-5).

A. Movement to Contact B. Pursuit C. Attack D. Exploitation E. Deliberate Breach

24. Which of the following is a doctrinal form of maneuver? (FM 3-90, section 3-28)

A. Presence Patrol B. Penetration C. Raid D. Ambush

25. The __envelopment_________ is the form of maneuver in which an attacking force seeks to avoid the principal enemy defenses by seizing objectives to the enemy rear to destroy the enemy in his current positions. (FM 3-90, section 3-29)

26. Identify the characteristics of the defense. (FM 3-90.5, pp. 7-5 to 7-7)

A. Planning, Reconnaissance, Security, Control, Common Sense B. Concentration, Audacity, Tempo, Surprise C. Preparation, Security, Disruption, Massing Effects, Flexibility D. Preparation, Counter-reconnaissance, Risk Aversion, Survivability, Obstacles

27. Identify the three types of defensive tasks(operations). (FM 3-0, pp. 3-10


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