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U10a1 Project – Final Paper

Likwa Moyo

Capella University

TS5335 - Project Leadership and Management

Instructor: Dr. Miriam Masullo

Date: March 15, 2013


Zambia, like many third world countries, is facing scarcity of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and leadership in this technology. While advances in the ICT can support self-directed interactive learning, organizations that recognize the macro challenges of responding to the ever-changing demands of technology, are turning to leadership concepts that adapt to societies' socioeconomic demands. This project examines the application of leadership to the eLearning model within the
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With an eye for reform, the Mo-Mart Digital Learning project understands that education is an important aspect of human life. However how that education is received into a child's way of life is depended upon the way it gets passed on. As the need to understand which style of leadership will work best, notes Rajeeve (2011), that there is no single best way to lead and inspire in the field of education. Different projects involving educational institutions view leadership strategies differently, as certain situations, features and actions seem far more favorable than others at different levels and times. 1.3 Project team members, titles, and their roles The Project Team structure includes: • Project Sponsors and Stakeholders • Project Manager – Likwa Moyo • Project Analyst - Kilby Lungu • Business Case Writer - Hope Kasese Project Sponsor and Stakeholders – The Ministry of Education (MOE) is responsible for providing elementary, middle, and high school education, teacher training and continuing education. It is also responsible at a policy level for university education. On the other hand, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Vocational Training, through the Department of Technical Education and Vocational training (DTEVT), offers training at technologist, technician, and craft levels in technically oriented programs. Project Manager – o Responsible for developing the


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