Personality and Management

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Personality and Management
Sarah Doucette
December 7, 2011
Mgt 326

The purpose of this paper was to explore personality and management. I wanted to find information on personalities. Then relate those to the characteristics of a manager. I also interviewed my neighbor on her findings or personalities in the workplace. I also used my experience how being a foreman, and the use of the role as a manager.

There are different many types of people in the world. Everyone has different personalities. Personality is the combination of characteristics a person has. These characteristics are physical and mental. They can help explain how a person thinks, feels, and acts in different situations, and towards different
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It was a new way for me to view these different personality traits and dealings with them. Her insight focused more on her own findings, but strengthened what I have learned through this course. It truly enhanced my reading of the textbook, and will become useful in my future career. However, one person doesn’t have just one personality type or trait. Generally people possess a mixture of personality types. This can make it difficult when figuring out who would make a good manager for a company. How could you tell who would be the best fit? Some companies use a program to help with this process. A popular one is the “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” (MBIT). What the MBTI does is breakdown a person’s personality into sixteen different types as a result from preferences. It works by giving a series of questions. How a person responds help categorize their personality type according to the MBTI. Companies find this test helpful because it helps break down a person’s personality. Some companies use it when hiring new employees. They base a lot of their decision on the results of the test. This strategy works for some, and it doesn’t for others. It is not favored to solely use this test as a hiring tool for employees. Surely, it can be used as a reference to aid in the hiring process. I always thought it was important to possess a certain personality to be a good manager. However, through research of this paper I have


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