Week 7 Leadership Paper

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Synthesis Paper: Leadership
RES -811
April 22, 2015

Leadership Paper This paper will create a dialogue concerning the following articles and synthesis them to generate a discussion of the common themes that run throughout them, as well as understanding the conclusion of all three articles when taken as one entity.
Article 1: Fearless Dominance and the U.S. Presidency: Implications of PsychopathicPersonality Traits for Successful and Unsuccessful Political Leadership by S.O. Lilienfeld, I.D. Waldman, K. Landfield, A.L. Watts, S. Rubenzer and T. Faschinbauer.
Article 2: Impact of personal growth projects on leadership identity development by J. Williams.
Article 3: Leadership Styles and AssociatedPersonality Traits: Support for
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Managers in this group tend to think strategically, and use the conceptual and innovative approach in their leadership responsibilities. They also demonstrate the importance of responsibility, determination, the ability to critically analyze, as well as showing ethical behaviors. The managers who utilized a transactional style tended to be task orientated and worked in a more direct approach instead of using a participating transactional style. These managers exhibit a docile attitude, the inability of making long-term commitments, and they tend to be anti-social. This study showed the importance of understanding the various management styles and how each one interacts with the other. The author’s did an adequate job of researching the topic, however due to the small sample size the results are limited. It would be beneficial for this study to be replicated on a larger scale to gain more information in this area. The common theme that runs through the articles is the significance that personal growth and personality traits have upon leadership skills. An individual’s leadership capability stems from the inner depths of one’s intellect and the desire to become the best that they can be as a leader. Some people tend to be natural born leaders where others learn to become leaders through enriching learning experiences. The individual’s personality type impacts how


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