Heredity Determines Personality.” (a) Build an Argument to Support This Statement. (B) Build an Argument Against This Statement.

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Q: 5. “Heredity determines personality.” (a) Build an argument to support this statement. (b) Build an argument against this statement.

Ans: To establish my statements, firstly we have to know what we mean by personality and then where personality comes from. So all these are depicted below:

Personality: Simply, it refers to the ways how people react or interacts with others. We all know that each and every person’s characteristics are unique. Also, people have different quality and characteristics and all of these characteristics make personality. As we know, personality comprises a set of mental distinctiveness which reflect the way in which a person thinks, acts and feels.

In short, it can be said that personality consists all
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Actually employee perceives all these things through the degree of motivation.

In addition, the behavior of one employee can have impact on the other’s behavior either directly or indirectly. When people interact in organization different factors come to play that is if new system starts in the management, employee can’t understand all the situations how they will respond. So ultimately they will become unstable and will feel fear. For this reason managers have to handle all this situation by knowing the exact behavior of people that means in what situation how they react.

We all are known to theory X and theory Y, that is according to theory X people are lazy and they will avoid work so in this case that type of people need to be closely administered and provoked.
On the other hand according to theory Y people are ambitious, self motivated and self controlled. These types of people don’t have extra reinforcement to work properly.

Therefore, it can be easily said that if any manager know about the people’s behavior they don’t fall under any problem to lead, motivate people as well as organization.

From the above point of view it can be said that Management and organizational behavior are related. Since there is a similarity with their objectives and also in their goal so these two are related an dependent with each other.

Q: 3. what are effectiveness and efficiency, and how are they related to organizational behavior?

Ans: Both


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