Case 3 Tucker Company Organizing

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Case Analysis:
Tucker Company

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August 29, 2012
This case analysis takes the point of view of Mr. Harnett, the president of Tucker Company. Being the top manager, he is the one responsible for overseeing the current status and developments of the company. Moreover, he is the one in-charge for taking necessary actions regarding the inevitable occurrences of conflicts within the company and among the company’s employees. He is also capable of reorganizing or restructuring the organization.
The group decided to take neither
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It promotes Hodge’s equal treatment to the three divisions since she would have to report directly to no one but the president, Mr. Harnett.
It is less costly and relatively easier to implement compared to the two alternative solutions since the action will only require the laboratory to be moved into a staff position.
Hodge’s expertise as a metallurgist will not be utilized considerably since she has no authority over the three divisions and her assistance is limited to what the divisions solicit.
The laboratory’s activity is limited to the things asked by the other divisions.

Table 4.1. Pros and Cons of Alternative Solution No. 1
Alternative Solution No.2

Fig. 4.2. Alternative Solution No. 2’s Organizational chart of Tucker Company – rearrangement of the organization into a functional structure Figure 4.2 presents the suggested structure of Alternative Solution No.2. It shows that instead of the three major product lines on the line positions immediately under the president, the functional units – Accounting, Manufacturing, and Engineering departments – replace them. The division of the product lines is still retained, only now, each of the three functional units has these three divisions under them. In addition, the Laboratory is also under the Engineering Department. The group believes that this should be where the Laboratory is placed since the materials used in the Manufacturing Department would have to get passed the Engineering Department first, and


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