Steve Schwarzman Case Study

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1. How would you describe Stephen Schwarzman’s personality?

There are many traits that make up Stephen Schwarzman’s personality. He certainly has a proactive personality because he is goal oriented and takes initiative. He showed this when he was in high school racing track and continued to display this in his adult life from staying up all night to finish a spreadsheet before a meeting the next day to leading and directing many employees under him. Although he may have made mistakes along the way, he remained eager to succeed and deliver and wasn’t afraid to take action. I don’t necessarily see him as an extrovert that is extremely outgoing; rather he is an assertive yet calm and understanding leader. He is definitely emotionally
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The fifth most critical intelligence is spatial intelligence. Spatial intelligence describes one’s ability to recognize patterns. The economy is very cyclical and certain companies follow patterns that other similar companies have followed in the past. It can be very helpful for an employee at Blackstone to be able to recognize such patterns when analyzing companies and making recommendations as to which companies to invest in. I feel that of the eight multiple intelligences, these five are very critical to one’s success at a firm such as Blackstone. Naturalistic, bodily, and musical intelligence hold much less importance in a company like Blackstone.

4. Using Table 5-5 as a guide, how important are the various emotional intelligence competencies for making good investment decisions? Explain.

Emotional intelligence is critical to one’s success in making good investment decisions. The first part of emotional intelligence is personal competence. Personal competence is made up of self-awareness and self-management. Self-awareness is one’s own sense of self. It is the ability to recognize and understand why you make certain decisions and take certain actions. More importantly, it is the ability to recognize one’s own strengths as well as weaknesses. This is very important when making investment decisions. It is crucial to be aware of what you’re best at and at the same time know when