Personality Testing, Yes or No?

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The following is a case study from an Executive Master of Business Administration "EMBA" program syllabus, Alexandria University, Egypt, in collaboration with Georgia State university, USA. The case is related to the Organizational Behavior study from the reference book "Organizational Behavior and Management", ninth edition, Ivancevich, konopaske & Matteson. ISBN 978-0-07-122089-7

Case 3.1: Personality Testing, Yes or No?

Mark, a project leader in Austin, Texas, needed a new software engineer for his eight-person team. He used his network, reviewed resumes, and invited 15 candidates for interviews. In addition he had the top three candidates complete the 16-personality factors test. This was a general test that he believed would reveal
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Other than attempting to land on the job, why would a candidate fake a personality test?

A2- Being an external in the dimension scale of locus of Control (Refusing to accept responsibility of consequences), a candidate would fake the personality test to impress and attain better results. He also wants to mark a higher level of self-efficacy.
All that, will help in obtaining the job with a better offer.
Another reason for faking the personality test is the fear that it may lead to an unfair treatment of minority groups (which is not ethical in all countries and illegal in some countries).

Q3- Could personality testing be used for management decisions other than hiring? Explain.

A3- Yes, personality testing could be used for management decisions other than hiring.
The research on personality as a key to understand “OB” focuses on the “Big Five” personality dimensions in addition to the other “Three”.
In depicting the dimension and the level, decisions such as the following could be taken:
- High extroversion: use individuals for jobs requiring large amounts of social interaction.
- High emotional stability: Managers with such level of dimension can easily increase job satisfaction and certainly motivate their employees.
- High agreeableness: Managers should try to include on teams Individuals who are agreeable because the team to function more smoothly by using their interpersonal skills to keep communication channels


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