Feeding the World in 2050

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Feeding the World in 2050
The current world population is approximately 7 billion and it is estimated to increase to around 9 billion by the year 2050. However the land area available for growing food doesn’t seem to increase much due to the land degradation. If we don’t do anything, this world will be lack of foods, water and resources which means it will never be the same as now again. So, throughout this essay, I will be explaining about the causes of these problems and the possible solution to this problem.
First of all, if this problem doesn’t stop, there are possibilities of famine occurring anywhere. Famine, refers to an extreme lack of food supplies or food access compared to its population and death rate. One reason that famine
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Insects are exothermic which means that they gain heat from their environment however birds and mammals are endothermic meaning they have to create heat themselves. And the process of creating hit requires a lot of energy which gives a big advantage to insects, saving lots of energy.
However there are some risks of allowing entomophagy. Most of the insects being used for eating is from wild nature so by just looking at it, we cannot be sure of what the insects might’ve exposed so no one knows whether it is safe to eat insects or not. To reduce the risk, the insects should be well cooked and baked because eating raw insects are like risking your life because it might’ve exposed to some chemicals found in nature. Entomophagy is one way of interacting with nature however we should be careful of its wild and huge environment.

However there will be lots of positive factors in economy and politic. First of all, positive outcome of economy by allowing entomophagy is the reduction of food inflation because just like these days, when such food is not produced enough, the price goes up so much that it’s a really worrisome that you might even think that the price might not go down again. For example, here in Japan, the overall price of vegetables went up and especially the


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