Self Development Project - Management

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Part 1
One of the most important things regarding my future career was to learn, what really was of interest to me and sooner the better. When I put interest, effort, and passion into a job, success and respect of all others will go hand in hand.
About three years ago, when I was still in the on-campus program of Master in Civil Engineering in the Czech Republic, I entered the global real estate consultancy firm of Knight Frank Newmark as a property manager’s assistant. Due to the lack of the capacity and of employees, I was soon given a big project to manage by myself. I felt like a spring chicken or a kid thrown in the deep water to learn how to swim. It was necessary to change my work load into a full
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Mostly I prefer to focus on one thing which is in that moment the most important for me and it is difficult to think about several issues at the same time. Regarding A-type analysis, I moderately disagree with two issues. First of all, I really do think that I am a good team player, but on the other hand I prefer when rules, responsibilities and authorities are clearly set to achieve a common goal. And secondly I have learned not to interrupt other people when they are speaking. However it is true that when I do not agree or I am not interested in what they are saying, I simply let their words go in one ear and out the other ear. Among the most important terminal values, I consider knowledge, wisdom, happiness, satisfaction in life, prosperity, self-respect and lasting friendship. My important instrumental values consist of hard work, achievement, truthfulness, honesty, assertiveness and intellectual pursuits. The biggest motivator is my growth need. The rest I consider as satisfied. Among other dominant needs are achievement, autonomy and power. Decision-making style according the test results are rational and recalling results from my Jungian 16-type personality test as being a thinker and judger, I must object. Even though I weigh evidence objectively, I always put it against personal values. So even if my “brain” in most of my decision processes wins, my “heart” is always involved. A clear example could be my decision to come to the United States. As you read


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