Team Leadership

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Team Leadership
John Haynes
August 27, 2013

TO: Robert Foster, Marketing Executive
FROM: John F. Haynes, Team Leader
DATE: August 25, 2013
SUBJECT: New Market Segment Strategic Plan
This memorandum outlines the team’s approach that supports the company’s overall strategic plan to enter a new market segment. Each team member will be assigned to work separate parts of the plan. I will carefully evaluate each member and match the assignments using the results from the personality assessments and individual leadership styles. This will ensure, in a sense that the right person is assigned to execute the tasks. Market expansion brings both opportunity and a considerable amount of risk. The
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Mr. Ona subscribes to the pacesetting style of leadership. Pacesetting style of leaders is obsessive about doing things better and faster, and expects the same from the rest of the team. However, his receptiveness to the needs or urgency of the moment, and realistic approach to problem solving makes him an ideal candidate for the team’s market analyst.
Assess Internal Capabilities
The decision to enter a new market is largely driven by the organizational internal resource. The team will assess the current state of the organization to determine if it is economically feasible to enter a new market segment. Moreover, we must decide the most cost efficient method to enter the new market segment. At the conclusion of team’s assessment, we will recommend to management, whether the best course action is to form, purchase or partner with another organization. Ms. Min Ae will be assigned to assess the internal capabilities of the organization. She must determine how must of the organization’s core competencies can leverage toward this new endeavor, and if the correct infrastructure is in place to support it. However, it is highly unlikely that Ms. Min will ever volunteer for a leadership role, but if she does, it is a high probability that it will be the affiliate leadership style. Individuals with her personality traits and leadership style are skillful at gaining cooperation and trust from others. These attributes will


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